My Designs

Commonwealth Bank

This is a stand I put together for a Banking and Financial Conference.

The client required 3x private meeting rooms, A café with seating, Informal presentation area and to stand out from the crowd.

The stand needed to reflect the new look and feel of their branches and the use of green walls and the hanging garden help to keep the stand fresh.

The café will attract people to the stand and for those requiring it, the private meeting rooms can then be used for client meetings.

My Designs

Pop-Up Shopping Centre Kiosk

I have been working on a concept for a Pop-up , Shopping centre Kiosk.

The features of this 6x6m kiosk include an open inviting stand, prominent logo placement and plenty of storage to hold brochures, personal effects, laptops and miscellaneous items.

The kiosk also had to include a waiting area and meeting spaces. There is a large display space for graphics which catch potential customers eyes as they walk past.

Timber raised floor helps to define the space and the tower creates height and interest.

This stand breaks down and transports well and can also be used in other applications such as a trade show/ exhibition.


Baby Journal Ideas

Now that my beautiful baby girl, Daphne is born, I am dying keep a journal of her growth.

While I was pregnant, I often had questions about my mum’s pregnancy but unfortunately, she couldn’t remember details so I thought I would also include notes and information about my pregnancy in case Daphne needs to reference this in the future.

Now my dilemma is that I love Bullet journals but I feel that this is not going to completely meet my needs, even though there are some amazing bullet journal examples out there, like these.

But I want to not only present information but I also want to be able to include photos, memorabilia and important documents. This is where scrapbooking could be useful, which I also love, especially examples like this.

So basically, I have decided that combining the two is going to be the best solution. I plan on starting this soon and so will post some pictures when I have started.

Have you done something similar? I would love to see what you have done.

My Designs

Woodford Folk Festival 2018

I had the privilege of working on the Woodford Folk Festival this year.

I provided 3d layouts for various venues. Turning Temporary Structures (marquees) into beautiful venues and providing the build crew with all the relevant drawings needed to make and install all the elements.

Sidewood Bar
Sidewood Bar
Coopers Bar
Coopers Bar
Coopers Bar internal
The Grande Bar internal
Halcyon Bar


New Garden Design

Last year was a very busy year. Among other things I was working on my business full time, starting the alterations of the existing garden beds and having a baby.

It was important to make a start on the garden asap as I really wanted to get some fruit trees growing so that they are fruiting by the time my baby, Daphne is old enough to be able to go out, pick them and eat them straight from the tree.

I also wanted to get the veggie gardens up and running as I felt it was important to eat as much homegrown produce as possible and have homegrown veggies for Daphne to eat when she starts on solids.

Not all of this is happening right away, especially the big things like the pool and the front deck but it’s good to have a plan so that you have a long term goal to work towards.

Have you transformed your gardens? I would love to see what you have done!

My Designs

Konami Concept

This is a concept that I put together for a Custom Stand builder.

They required a innovative design with features such as a semi-private meeting room, an approachable and interactive counter, LED strip lights used to highlight the machine bases and storage.

The added height of the Hex Rigged banner, makes the stand visible from a distance which increases brand awareness as well as making the stand easy to find in an exhibition/ Trade show.
The customer desk has been placed in the centre of the stand and has a coffee machine at the desk helps draw people in and increases customer engagement.
To add interest to the flooring I decided to use Hex shaped carpet tiles by Signature Floor concepts (, adding Red accents to the main charcoal colour.

Gaming exhibitions are highly competitive and require innovative stands, that stand out from the crowd.

My Designs

The Samsung Concept

Samsung stand

This is a concept that I put together recently.

It focuses on the need for multiple display areas for products. The Island style stand and the use of a hex theme, allows for maximum brand and product display. To keep the stand open and create interest, the product information display boards are in a clear Perspex allowing you to still see through the stand and discover what’s inside the stand.


Tips for Selling a House

Just before Christmas, we made the decision to sell our house.

It’s a modest house and so, this made it all the more important to create a fantastic first impression.

So these are the things that we did to get our house sold within 3 day of going on the market, for a price that we were more than happy with.


This is very important. As many of you know, as you settle down into life and a house, you find that you accumulate , what’s best described as…..Stuff. We hired a storage room and only allowed up to 3  large items in each room. We also got rid of 95% of our nick knacks and were very selective about the ones that we kept on display.

What is that smell….oh wait….it’s the dog.

Due in part, to fair skin, and being allergic to almost everything, our dog in an inside dog. He is washed regularly but still you can smell him in the house. After much research, the best techniques we used to create a pleasant smelling house for inspections where as this:

  • The night before inspections, we used a subtle smelling carpet cleaning powder which we left on the carpet overnight, then vacuumed early the next morning, which allowed the residual smell to dissipate.
  • We aired out all the cushions for several hour before the inspection and wiped down our faux leather lounge with nice but subtle smelling spray cleaner.
  • We put fresh sheets and doona covers on all the beds.
  • We vacuumed and mopped all the floors.
  • And lastly, we chose a very subtle smelling, room fragrance like a Reed Diffuse kit. We chose Circa Home’s Along the shore but most Homeware stores have these and have a variety of fragrances you can choose from.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

It’s important to make sure everything is clean. Sometimes the best thing you can do, to help sell your house, doesn’t cost anything except for the cleaning products and some elbow grease. Scrub walls and floors, wash windows, wipe down doors and skirtings.

It’s easy to just think about the obvious rooms. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Lounge rooms, etc. But don’t forget areas such as Entry porches, verandas and Hallways.

Selectively Accessorise

It’s amazing what a difference a carefully placed painting or fruit bowl can make, but keep it minimal and only add it if it will enhance the room, not make it look cluttered.

It’s all about the overall impression

Lastly, we weren’t willing to replace all our furniture to get a better look. But we felt we didn’t have too either. By carefully choosing the furniture that would stay, even though it didn’t all match or was well used, you can still create the impression of carefully chosen style. If you look carefully at the rug, you will notice that it’s actually warped from the time I washed it and it stretched out of shape, And the spare bed has a camping mattress on it as this bed had been in storage and didn’t have a mattress with it but we felt it was important to show a bed in the room.

From here, all I can say is, I wish you best of luck in the sale of your house.

My Designs

Urban planter and seating

Recently, on my Instagram page, I posted this great image of some city gardens in Melbourne and Hobart.

This inspired me to design my own city garden but I have added some seating to make it a multifunctional design. The great thing about it, is that it can be an edible garden.

The tree could be a Bay tree and the smaller planter could have herbs, such as mint, parsley and basil, growing in this section.

The base is textured concrete. Inspired by its durability and the urban surroundings. The backrest is beautiful, local sandstone. The tree planter box is a weathered steel and the extended table is made form recycled timber. The combination of industrial and natural materials create a planter that can fit into any urban environment and is softened by the use of plants.


Woodland-Australian Native Christmas theme

This year I decided to theme my Christmas decorations around a woodland theme but as we live in Australia, I wanted to give it a more Australian native feel.

It was also really important that it be inexpensive as we have a new baby and I didn’t want to be spending money frivolously . In order to achieve this I bought a few key pieces and tried to make the rest.

This was a wall hanging that I made. I found a very lovely native tree branch at the local park and added some home-made jute bows, added some green ribbon and hung some decorations off it.
By adding Pine cones and Gum nuts to these bird cages (which I already owned), I have introduced the natural elements. A bought star decoration and a green bow completes the look.

I also had a great time with the tree. The only new bought elements were the green glass baubles and the porcelain bell shaped bells. I am lucky enough to own some silver vintage glass decorations and the tinsel already and as you can see, I also used the hand-made jute bows, to complete the look.

I was very happy with the end result and loved finding ways to be creative and make some of the decorative elements myself.

Have you made your own decorations? I would love to see them.


Existing garden setup

26 Bowden st_landscape design_01 PLAN_EXISTING (1)

We have been in our new house for 5 months now and I have managed to witness the garden in late summer to mid winter. This has given me a pretty good idea of how much sun and shadow different areas of the garden get.

Also, I now have a good idea about different wind directions and which parts of the garden are protected and which ones aren’t.

So, I decided the best way to proceed was do up a plan, listing each plant variety (as much as I could) and draw up their placements.

I will be redesigning the backyard so as to have a direction for my landscaping. We would love to have a combination of natives as well as fruit trees. We also want to add possible features such as a fire pit and pool and so I will need to see if I can design a space for them.

I will share my progress as it is made.